Termékek - Integrated roller shutters

külső tokos redőny

The advantage of this system over the front mounted ones is that they can be built in together with the windows.  The connection between the window and the roller shutter box is ensured by a special clip that statically also strengthens the window. The double-chamber roller shutter box ensures better thermal insulation and extra stiffness.
The mounting of the headbox to the lintel is secured with a metal plate that is suitable for all types of window systems. The integrated roller shutters depending on their type can be fitted with outer and inner plastering edges so the width of the case can be expanded up to 38-centimetre wall thickness.
This system can also be combined with vertically movable integrated insect screen. The insect screen can be fitted with anti-kickback brakes and vertical click-system on order.
This roller shutter system can come with plastic or aluminium laths.



Front mounted aluminium roller shutters



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